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righttowriteCan you make a list of 100 things you love? It takes time to do this. And part of writing is actually taking the time to sit down and do things. It might seem tedious or useless, but the practice is just doing it. And getting use to it.

In Julia Cameron’s book, “The Right to Write”, the chapter on DRAMA instructs the writer to set aside thirty minutes and list 100 things that they love. Then keep a copy of this list and pull it out and read it whenever stress strikes. It will connect you to the sense of well-being apart from the current drama.

I passed over this chapter assignment and read on to other chapters. I’ve followed each chapter and its writing assignments (not always in order) but this one kept nagging at me as I thought it was a waste of time. I mean, 100 things? That’s a long list that I might not be able to complete. I felt guilty for not doing the assignment.

So, today, as quickly as I can, I will list them. From 1 to 100. From the top of my head, here are the 100 things that I love.

What are 100 Things You Love?


Here’s my list as fast as I can list ’em…

  1. Spending time with Donna – alone
  2. Watching Jake play soccer
  3. Watching and listening to Isabella sing
  4. Knowing Jessica is home
  5. Palm Springs with my sister’s family
  6. Hanging with Dale
  7. Playing Golf with Steve, Chip, and Deaner
  8. Writing
  9. Eating Ice Cream
  10. Watching Movies with the family
  11. Eating popcorn at the theater
  12. Eating sushi
  13. Rice, bacon, eggs
  14. Rice, Hotdog and eggs and a beer at midnight
  15. Beer!!!
  16. Vodka
  17. Dodger Games & Dodger Dogs
  18. D&D with Steve
  19. New pair of running shoes
  20. My iPhone!
  21. A good book
  22. Rain
  24. Time alone
  25. Finishing a story
  26. A full body massage
  27. A cruise
  28. REI
  29. A good nap
  30. Dried Mango
  31. No Traffic
  32. Making someone laugh
  33. Inspiring someone to be better!
  36. My MacBook Pro
  37. Close-up Magic
  38. Magic Books
  39. Playing Cards
  40. New York
  41. Going for a LONG RUN on a Sunday Morning
  42. FRIDAYS!!!!!!!
  43. The Winter Olympics
  44. A long hot travel mug of Coffee
  45. Microsoft Excel
  46. Movie Magic Screenwriter and Final Draft
  47. Good music
  48. Disney Cruises
  49. DISNEYLAND with the family
  50. Superbowl Sunday
  51. Christmas
  52. Thanksgiving
  53. New Year’s Eve
  54. Editing Pictures
  55. Canon Cameras
  56. Game of Thrones (books & HBO)
  57. Cooking
  58. Snowboarding
  59. A great stop at Short Stop
  60. The finish line of a triathlon
  61. Runkeeper App
  62. My Garmin Fenix 5
  63. A ‘drink’ by the pool
  64. Boba Time
  65. No homework for Bella
  66. Korean Food
  67. Better Than Sex Cake
  68. The Cheese Cake Factory
  69. Watching The Big Bang Theory
  70. Watching Modern Family
  71. Riding a bike
  72. Being hugged
  73. A good close shave
  74. A long hot shower
  75. Pajamas
  76. A old comfortable tee-shirt
  77. Netflix
  78. Amazon
  79. Starbucks Coffee
  80. Playing baseball/softball
  81. Cuddling with Isabella
  82. Picking up Jessica from the airport
  83. 4:00 PM
  84. A party at my house
  85. A never ending summer’s day
  86. Chips and dip
  87. A great hotel
  88. Pandora and Spotify
  89. Hot Apple Cider on a cold night
  90. Costco
  91. A new golf club
  92. The perfect golf shot
  93. A cool pair of sunglasses
  94. My car
  95. The smell of a BBQ
  96. Being in bed in the middle of the day when it rains
  97. Talking about movies
  98. Talking about screenwriting
  99. Sex
  100. Spending money

And as quickly as I could, there’s the list.

I got stuck around the 50s and then again in the 70s. Got stuck at 97!

Try it… It’s a great exercise!

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