About Me

Facebook2014 LTwainThe worst part of writing is writing an About me page. Okay, like most writers, I can ramble on and on about me. But it’s different putting it on the page and doing some sort of bio that, well, is supposed to show who you are and why you write.  Most people start with an About Page that introduces them to potential site visitors. So I hope you find interest in the next paragraph and become a recurring visitor:

I’m a UCLA Screenwriter, Comic Book Collector and former Comic Book Store owner, Content Writer on Helium.com, Struggling Novelist, Armchair Economist, Professional Blogger (because I can monetize blogs), a lazy triathlete, Snowboard lover, and a Former MMA Conditioning Coach. I hold a black belt in Okinawa-Te karate and Armas DeMano Filipino Martial Arts and Stickfighting.

BORING HUH? …let me try again… maybe something like this hopefully keeps you interested:

I started screenwriting in 1997 when I met Lew Hunter at Vroman’s bookstore in Pasadena. I bought his book, “Screenwriting 434” and I was hooked.  Next came Syd Field’s book as all screenwriters have to read, and the UCLA Screenwriting Certificate program. I gave myself a 10 year goal to find a place in the industry. I did well in screenwriting competitions but never got that elusive ‘win’. I produced several short films and every film I wrote and produced was accepted and screened at several film festivals across the country – then right on my 10th year as a screenwriter I was offered a 6 figure option with a reputable studio. Contracts were being drawn up and my lawyer was getting ready to get it done. Well, in true Hollywood Story – the handshake on that deal was as far as it got.  I guess the demand for the film dried up as soon as it was pitched because 2 months later they weren’t answering my calls and the final word was ‘it’s not time’. They tried to lock the young and up-and-coming actor, Zooey Deschanel, and maybe because they didn’t the deal fell through. And that was the end of my 10 year plan (2007). After that I dabbled with rewrites for directors/producers when they called. No credit, some pay, but  I got to write. Here I am, six years later (2013)  – writing scripts – but more focused – and desperate to get back to where I was as a writer.  SO…. Hope you stick around!

Some other writing accomplishments that boost my ego a bit:

My original script, “SUSHI A GO-GO,” a cross-cultural romantic comedy, was recognized as a screenplay Finalist in the Chesterfield Fellowship (1997-i think that was the year) and Quarterfinalist in Scriptapalooza (2002). Another original screenplay called, “ZEN and the Way of the Space Dog”, a family action/adventure, has also been recognized as a screenplay Quarter Finalist and Finalist in the Fade In Awards and Scriptapalooza Script competitions respectively (2002).

Unfortunately – no wins.

Ugh, that was painful. So painful I barely read it for edits – so if it’s a bunch of nonsense, so-be-it. But here’s really who I am.

I am a dedicated husband and father to a beautiful wife and 3 awesome kids! I strive to live life to it’s fullest and to be the best example, leader and role-model to my family. I love to write. Love it. And after 6 years of wandering – I’ve found my way back on the page. I also live the purpose driven life. Life has to have purpose – you can’t just let it go by!

Stick around – more nonsense will ensue! Just keep checking!