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Only the Lonely – The Motels

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il new york“Only the Lonely” The Motels.

What does this song remind me of?

Early 80s. Probably 1982 (since that’s when the song was released). I had a cassette recorder and headphones and had taped Only The Lonely from the radio along with other 80s hits.

I had biked to get a haircut at SuperCuts and decided to cruise around Glendale on my Redline BMX bike I bought with money from 8th grade graduation.

I was a melancholy teenager back then – especially with music playing in my ears. It would take me away from everything.

I dreamed of going to New York as I biked up Chevy Chase from Broadway. Past my house, past the Adventist Hospital, past school on Kimlin Drive and I made a turn on Lilac Lane past Cindy Orozco Keenan house then up and around to the top of the hill. (more…)

Saying Goodbye Short Script

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just type

So here’s the writing prompt I was given today.  It was good timing as I had nothing to write about and just needed to get my juices flowing.

Director, and best friend, Dale, calls and says he has a short project for me to get my writing juices flowing.

This was the pitch:

A couple in a small town in an AM/PM type gas/market (like a Bonnie & Clyde).  Cop cars surround the place. And a family with a kid are also inside.

Do they escape? Do they die? What happens inside? I prefer they die but whatever you want.

I took the assignment so-to-speak. So how did it turn out? (more…)

The Time where Glenn hates writing with Celtx

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celtx logoYeah, I know this year is about getting to “The End” as many times as possible – and I finally did an 8 pager where I could actually write “The End”.

That being said, it’s a good warm-up to my quest to submit a feature to two competitions this year. Can it be done? I had to get my feet wet first so… here it is:

The Time Where Glenn Hates Writing With Celtx

It’s short, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but some of you might find humor in it. Jake did, and he’s 13.

I don’t know if that’s good, bad, or ugly – and I’m not sure if writing to amuse a 13  year old is gonna amuse and adult – lets just say it’s about the process. (more…)

Say Something a short story by Glenn Magas

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kid-loveSo… I had this story I’ve been wanting to write for a couple of years. I get as far as maybe jotting some plot points down, a loose outline here and there, but nothing has compelled me to really get everything down on paper.

Or I’m just lazy.

It was, is, titled, “Say Something“… it is about a little 7 year old girl who won’t speak and her relationship with a 7 year old boy.

And then a song came out with the same title. And the song was so emotional it inspired me to get a short story out. The song doesn’t really have anything to do with the story, but it kinda does. The tone was perfect though.

It’s not a script but an experimental piece that needs to be read “performed” aloud with the music – as the tone of the piece.

Read it slow, out loud, to the music (to yourself but as if telling this story to a group of people in the dark). (more…)

“Write Drunk, Edit Sober” Ernest Hemingway

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“Write Drunk, Edit Sober” Ernest Hemingway

save-the-cat_mediumI did it – got out a beat sheet and accomplished… well… I’m not done yet so I can’t say I accomplished my goal. I did, however, get my 10 pages all ‘beated’ out in a beat sheet that’s kinda new to me. I was using a modified Eric Edson idea sequence – Eric was my first screenwriting teacher at UCLA. That’s how all my scripts were outlined. But then I read, “Save The Cat” by Blake Snyder and it made a lot of sense.

If you haven’t read it – get it here and support my site: “Save the Cat!” Thanks!

Okay, write drunk – how did Ernest Hemingway write drunk? I’ve never been drunk when I wrote… well… I wrote a long email to by best friend Dale once when I was drunk. So I guess it’s possible. I wonder if it was coherent. (more…)

UCLA Extension Interview with Glenn Magas (2003)

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From the archives…

This was an interview done in 2003 by UCLA with me.

You can find the full article (if it’s still around)  in the UCLA Writers Quarterly in 2003. Yeah – I know that’s a LONG time ago! LOL

writers extension programUCLA: How did you first hear about the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program?

GLENN: I originally heard about it from Lew Hunter. He was giving a day seminar at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena. I bought his book and got a taste of screenwriting and I was hooked… Within a year I was in the program. (more…)