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I love my Samsung Tab 4 Nook

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I’ve owned practically every iteration of a Barnes and Noble Nook that has been released. I sold two of them in order to purchase the Samsung Tab 4 Nook when it was released. I have yet to part with my Original Nook which, for all intents and purposes, is used for those bright days laying out in the sun at the beach or pool side. I love that Nook. But…

I love my Samsung Tab 4 Nook (read more)

For the price – why would you even consider an iPad or other Tablet? I had to weigh the usefulness of purchasing a new Nook and what I’ve found – this one has really been worth the price. (more…)

Get Started Now! Industry Insider Television Writing Contest

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Contest starts February 2014!!!

industryinsidertvwritingcontest-564x200Get Started Now! Industry Insider Television Writing Contest

Some of today’s most exciting storytelling happens on the small screen. From dramas like HomelandMad Men and Breaking Bad to comedies like The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family, television has evolved to become the writer’s realm, where the most talented scribes rule season after season.

Sound like a dream job? Then get ready for your chance to break in to the dynamic world of writing for TV!

The Industry Insider Television Writing Contest is a one-of-a-kind competition that offers every entrant the unique chance to learn about the Industry, while also creating and writing a television pilot script.

Here’s how it works: (more…)

2013 Yahoo Baseball Fantasy Draft recap

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On Friday Night (3/29/2013) I participated in my yearly activity: The Yahoo Baseball Fantasy  Draft. This is the one draft I put a lot of time and effort in and look forward to it every single year.

So… after a huge dinner with the family… the draft begun.

2013 Yahoo Baseball Fantasy Draft recap

I love this group of managers. A total of 10 including myself. We included 1 new  manager this year into a spot that seems to vacate managers every year. Hopefully Angry Beavers sticks it out and stays along for years to come.

The banter was active, as usual for the start, but started to die down as we got tired and a little more serious.

I get really nervous as the countdown begins – I shake with excitement I love it so much!

But there has to be one rule – DON’T BOTHER ME ON DRAFT DAY… (more…)