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I couldn’t find my cup…

// February 22nd, 2014 // No Comments » // Slice of Life

Walking DreadI saw it, I thought I knew where it was, but it wasn’t there.  I’ll probably find it in after the season is over – isn’t that how it works?

Today was the first game of my Softball league. Our team, The Walking Dread, have been practicing for 3 months. It was a long wait but finally the night came where we were all together as a team and got to play.

I was looking forward to playing under Friday Night Lights all week. That’s an understatement. I’ve been looking forward to play for three months to be close to exact. I was ready and excited. Nervous? Nope. Just happy that tonight was the night we could play together as a team.

I drove home from working with a list in my head of things to do. Top of the list was – find my sliding pants and cup.

In my head I knew exactly where it was.

It wasn’t there.

I couldn’t find my cup…

What the FRICK!

I went to the garage.

Not there.

Checked my paintball gear bag. (more…)

She attacks as quiet and as swift as a Ninja in the night…

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This is a blog excerpt from May 12, 2005… Thought you’d get a ‘kick’ out of it.

She attacks as quiet and as swift as a Ninja in the night…

bella pink dressWith all my training in the Martial Arts you’d think I’d be able to defend myself with such a sneaky attack. But no, I haven’t learned my lesson.

Here’s the situation.

It’s dark.

It’s way past midnight.

All is quiet.

When suddenly it happens. The attack. And you have no recourse except to moan and groan in pain.

My daughter (age 2), seems to get this idea that if she kicks me in the eye in the middle of the night I’ll stop snoring. Well, that’s my interpretation of the logic behind her motives. She curls up on the pillows between Donna and me and her feet end up next to my head. But it doesn’t stop there. Of course I’m not awake to witness such an assault, but I’m guessing she recoils her leg and straightens them out as fast and as powerful as she possibly can into my eyeball in order to illicit a reaction out of me! (more…)

What a great Holiday Season

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The last two months of every year is the best two months of the year.

You even start it out with a celebration of sorts – Halloween – where there’s parties, dress up, sweets, and activities that you can put yourself into. It’s the start to the best two months of the year. This year…

family new year squareWhat a great Holiday Season

So it gets kicked off on the last day of October. But the real-REAL fun begins on a Thursday in November.  In between November 1 and Thanksgiving, you start to feel the season. From decorations to meal preparations.  This year my job FORCED me to take 8 days off.

I turned in those forced days off but really thought about the time – in a strategic sense. I had to turn in my days by the first week of November…

Thanksgiving: Thursday and Friday
Christmas: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
New Years: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Look at how that works. It was brilliant planning. If I’m not going to be paid because my company wants me to take days off – it better be worth it right? Not a day here and there and back to work – I want it to be good riddance and I’ll see ya when I see ya.

I appreciate my job – I’m thankful for it, but what’s more important is time – and that time is best used with my family. Instead of a year wrap-up – I’ll just go over some of the things I did in the last two weeks. Yes, even though the last 2 months were wonderful, the last two weeks were even better.  (more…)

Road to OZ and Reading through Dyslexia

// December 10th, 2013 // No Comments » // Slice of Life

My daughter is on a continuing  journey of learning how to ‘learn’ with Dyslexia.  I wrote about it a while back: “Reading, Writing, and Dyslexia“.

oz road to oz

Here’s a little update and a book recommendation…

“Road to OZ” and Reading through Dyslexia

When my daughter was diagnosed with Dyslexia, we practiced reading as much as possible without creating frustration. I felt that if I kept pushing, she could build enough frustration and that she may just give up. It was difficult to say the least. (more…)

One Small Voice in the Universe

// November 18th, 2013 // No Comments » // Slice of Life

bellaandtarikI’ve had dreams of watching and hearing my daughter on stage singing in a musical. Sometimes, when I listen to the “Wicked” soundtrack, I picture Isabella as Elphaba singing “Defying Gravity.”  A piece of that dream came true this weekend. No, it wasn’t a big musical on Broadway but it was a big musical even if Isabella’s voice was just…

One Small Voice in the Universe

The musical was Seussical Jr. the Musical: produced as an Elementary musical by the Fine Arts department of Village Christian School in Sun Valley.

For two months the kids practiced and prepared for the big weekend – and all their hard work paid off with a spectacular performance on Friday and Saturday.

Both shows were sold out. That’s 275 seats! They were literally turning people away at the door on Friday night. It led to a lot of frustration for those that did not purchase tickets in advance. But really – who knew this show was going to be that popular. (more…)

Comic books are not a distraction

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Okay, I’ll admit it – every time I see a comic book store I want to spend an hour in it perusing the books, toys, cards and talking to the guys running the store. I love comic books. So I have to tell you – or am I just trying to convince myself:

Comic books are not a distraction

tfaw-banner-spidermanYes, they are a distraction when you think about it: I could be doing other things than reading comics.

But the “universe” I can be a part of, whether it’s a Marvel Universe or DC Universe or Image… is an escape from reality and a good one. Why? Because it brings me back to my younger years when things were simpler and waiting for the next comic book to arrive in the mail made those days so special. (more…)

Goal setting will change your life!

// November 3rd, 2013 // No Comments » // Slice of Life

goalwithoutaplanLately, my goal-setting habits have been out of whack. My white board at work was white for a while (literally blank), I added more and more short-term goals that got in the way of each other and like merging onto the freeway it created a bottle neck instead of a nice system of accomplishment, and all of this got in the way of the long term goals.

So I sat back last weekend and re-assessed my mission – and my goals. Big and small. There are many distractions and bad habits. But the interesting thing is, when you focus on goals, those bad and distractions start falling to the way-side as you accomplish what you set out to accomplish.

And guess what happens:

Goal Setting will change your life!

I’m currently trying to ‘x-out’ all these small things that weigh in my head – get them done quickly and create the habits of success.

So my white board at work has only a few tasks – if it’s not ‘that’ important, then it’s not there: I let my boss remind me when it becomes a ‘real’ priority. (more…)

What does Halloween mean to you?

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THEBLOOD_1395377_33688986-199x300Hallow’s Eve

Scary isn’t it? All these movies you can watch to scare the shit out of you? Well, to some, it’s a night of fun – to celebrate junk food. To others – and believe me, I do NOT agree: It’s a time to glorify Evil!

Well, I wrote a story based on a true story that happened many many years ago in my own backyard. It’s what happens when you and your friends do something you shouldn’t do on Halloween…

Someone might die!

Read it here: The Tortured Girls of Sacred Heart – based on a true story.


or D I E ! ! ! !

Blogging from the Apple Store – Glendale Galleria, CA

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Photo on 10-26-13 at 6.39 PM

So… why am I here?

To be honest, I stay away from the Glendale Galleria for the simple reason – it sucks. The mall sucks, the people in it sucks, the stores suck, the food sucks – everything sucks. Well, except for the Apple Store of course.

And I’m here only because Donna needs to find some Halloween stuff for Isabella. And after we get here she says, “I’m going to have to hit all the kids stores.”

You’re kidding me right?

I thought this was a quick romp at the mall, then dinner with the hot wife while the kids are out of town.


There’s a saving grace.

The Apple Store

Now, I used to jump into an Apple Store whenever I could and test my Blogging Speed. I can literally, get in, blog, take a photo, post it, teach you something and be out in 15 minutes. So here I am, blogging, uploading a picture of myself, and MAYBE teach you something. (more…)

Why do we dream what we dream?

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Why do we dream what we dream?

224390_1067660812080_4942_n The other night I had a dream about one of my best friends. He’s the guy in the down jacket vest with his arm draped over me (1985).

The dream was more like a flash from the past – a flashback, if you will, of a Saturday night when we went out with a couple of girls in his neighborhood. There was one girl he liked.

We went to Numero Uno Pizza, somewhere in LA by USC with a couple of girls. And a car drove by playing Patrice Rushen – Forget Me Nots. At that moment I turned and saw him kissing this girl he liked. And it wasn’t one of those regular kisses if you know what I mean. (more…)