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The Turning (2007) by Dale Fabrigar & Glenn Magas

// November 25th, 2013 // No Comments » // Videos

Dale - Director

Many of you have not seen Dale Fabrigar’s and my short movie, “The Turning” (1997) unless you went to the screening or saw it in a film festival.

The Turning (2007)

by Dale Fabrigar & Glenn Magas

I have it uploaded but before I release the short film (it’s less than 6 minutes) you have to see a brilliant piece put together on The Making of “The Turning” by Dean Miyashiro.

Comment please as I will then release the Short Film after views of “The Making”.

The Turning (2007)
A short film Directed by Dale Fabrigar Written by Glenn Magas

The Making – Produced, Directed, Edited by Dean Miyashiro








Thanks for watching!

Pops, I got to cuss “Jake the Kid” from Devil’s Couriers

// October 2nd, 2013 // No Comments » // Jacob's Acting Videos, Slice of Life

The much anticipated episode of Devil’s Couriers was finally released. It’s episode 12 – “Jake the Kid“.  I remember when they shot this episode – it has so much weight to it than just a short that Jake shot in what hopes to be a great career.

To him – the incredible part was what he got to do and came home to tell me:

“Pops, I got to Cuss!”

“Really? What ‘cha say?”

“I said, “He’s always up in my shit!”

And, like a dad I had to ask, “Who’s up in your shit?” (more…)

Lapko – River Venom Music Video

// February 11th, 2013 // No Comments » // Jacob's Acting Videos

JakeLapko2After Jake started taking his acting seriously he started classes at 321-Talent Agency, landed an agent, and has worked consistently on Music Videos, short films, webisodes, and now commercials.

The Lapko – River Venom Music Video…

…has, to-date, been one of my favorite things he’s worked on.

I do have to admit, the song is intense, it’s good, but not my favorite. In fact, you can watch it silently and it carries a different, type of impact. (more…)

Jacob Magas Actor/Model Demo Video

// January 15th, 2013 // No Comments » // Jacob's Acting Videos

The New Jacob Magas (Actor/Model) Website is up and running!

IMG_9497I’ve been working on Jake’s site. It’s temporary right now: better pictures, more videos, better design are forthcoming.

We also got someone to edit some scenes with Jake in it from the “Mother and Child” short film by producer/director: Jocelyn Saddi Lenhardt.

The short film has really made it’s tour in Film Festivals across the Nation and if you get a chance to watch it – you won’t be disappointed! (more…)

Where the Hell is Matt?

// March 28th, 2011 // 1 Comment » // Videos

Here is one of my all time favorite videos on YouTube. It’s called…

“Where the Hell is Matt?”

There’s something about this heartwarming, comedic, captivating, and brilliant video. I can’t do an explanation on the video because I don’t have the words for it. You can read all about Matt here “About Where the Hell is Matt?” but watch the video first and really, try to enjoy and be fascinated by the many countries, people and endeavor to put together such an awesome video!

If you have a favorite YouTube video, let me know so I can post it on the site with reference to how I saw it. I’ll link to your blog if you have one too!

So, here it is… “Where the Hell is Matt?” (more…)