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Why I Love Movie Magic Screenwriter

// February 13th, 2014 // No Comments » // Writing Tools

movie-magic-screenwriter-flat_mediumThere are two top notch screenwriting programs on the market: Final Draft (FD9) and Movie Magic Screenwriter (MMS).  There are also a few other desktop packages and web-based Screenwriting apps. But the top two programs that include all the bells and whistles are the aforementioned FD9 and MMS.

Don’t get me wrong – I like them both. I use them both. But it really depends on the situation. Sometimes a writing partner, a producer, or a director might be using FD9 and they pass the script along to me. So I have to use Final Draft.

For most of my screenwriting needs, I use Movie Magic Screenwriter. Comparing them side-to-side – nothing really stands out. It’s really a writer’s preference. They have all the features you’d want in a fully functional $200 screenwriting package. So I’m not really doing a side-to-side comparison. I’m just going to tell you why I love MMS and why I prefer it over FD9.

Why I Love Movie Magic Screenwriter

I’m an out and about writer. What I mean is, I can write anywhere and I’m always “out and about” – but I don’t always have my laptop with me so it’s great there are online screenwriting options out there like Celtx and ScreenwritingPro if you have access to computer and the internet.  But I also have a Nook Tablet and an iPhone 5s. So I can write using my Apple Bluetooth Keyboard on both. Yes, it looks funny to be typing on a keyboard with an iPhone 5S propped up, but if it works it works. (more…)

Don’t make the Neophyte Screenwriter Mistakes!

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If you’re a screenwriter don’t look like a complete neophyte with your spec and print it on pink paper so it stands out. Or submit it in some fanscy-shmancy 3 ringed-binder or a beautifully designed cover page, and using an Arial font instead of the industry standard of Courier 12pt font…

NOBODY CARES about the fancy script presentation – it’s about story (and proper screenwriting formats).

Don’t make the Neophyte Screenwriter Mistakes!

Most importantly – use brads to keep your screenplay together – or Screenplay Fasteners as some call them. Plain and simple: Acco Solid Brass Screenplay Fasteners. (more…)

Character Development Software that can spark a story! “Persona”

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persona-flat_mediumOne of my favorite things to do is to create characters, develop a unique voice of each – then make them come alive on paper. That’s why I love-love-love things like a…

Character Development Software that can spark a story! “Persona”

I guess it has to do with my D&D Roleplaying days – don’t judge.

I love this software and can sit and create characters all day long! It’s one way I created my main character for a script I’m working on: “Be Like Water”. I wasn’t writing a story, but somehow created a character that was homeless… it got the ideas going and next thing you know I have a synopsis of “Be Like Water”. (more…)