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I’ve owned practically every iteration of a Barnes and Noble Nook that has been released. I sold two of them in order to purchase the Samsung Tab 4 Nook when it was released. I have yet to part with my Original Nook which, for all intents and purposes, is used for those bright days laying out in the sun at the beach or pool side. I love that Nook. But…

I love my Samsung Tab 4 Nook (read more)

For the price – why would you even consider an iPad or other Tablet? I had to weigh the usefulness of purchasing a new Nook and what I’ve found – this one has really been worth the price.

I use a great Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse (Wedge) to write scripts using Screenwriting Apps or use it for notes. It’s a mini-computer that gets me what I need on an on-the-go basis.

Overall – without going into the raw details here’s the skinny.

This is the best eReader on the market in my opinion. Price-wise and productivity-wise – you can’t find anything better. 

Get it now!
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