// May 29th, 2017 // On Writing

Lost-and-Found-MusesYeah, I’m up late and decided to write a poem.


“Midnight Muse” by Glenn Magas


Easing the pain then having to start over
Asking for a muse to please keep him sober

The moon passes its peak
How painful it is to fall asleep

The night has again come and gone
A third draft still waits before the dawn

One thousand words are bled to death
Then two thousand more he mutters under breath

His eyes are teary
No actually, they’re heavy and bleary

Rhymed words and prose
subtext-subtext and on-the-nose

Iceberg and exposition leaking
Yes, thanks to Hemingway, he is peeking

Preposition linking over scrambled words
Leaning and connecting speaking in thirds

Today is like yesterday and tomorrow like today
All he asks is another twenty-four hours to be shut away.

His laden shoulders can’t bear the weight
He seeks Calliope or Erato for inspiring something great




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