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Non-Screenwriting books for Screenwriters

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Non-Screenwriting Books for Screenwriters

by Glenn Magas

Expand your mind: read non-screenwriting books for screenwriters!

Non-Screenwriting books for Screenwriters

Calvin and Hobbes Writer’s Block(S)

If you’re not writing, you’re not a writer. At least that’s what they tell me. And I believe it. But here’s another thing: If you’re not reading – you aren’t a writer. Yeah, that’s what I’m telling you! That’s why I have a list of non-screenwriting books for screenwriters that you should read!

Writing and reading go hand in hand as a writer. But you don’t always have to read screenwriting books to be a screenwriter: or reading writing books to be a writer. You know what I’m saying. As a screenwriter you still need to read “Non-Screenwriting” books in order to become a better writer! Continue Reading

Have you read “Save the Cat”?

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I have a library of books on writing. But I haven’t really delved into any of the books in the past several years. My commitment to achieve specific writing goals this year has led me to pulling books off the shelf just to get into the whole vibe of it all.

Have you read “Save the Cat!”?

A new writer and I were having a conversation and he mentioned “Save the Cat!” by Blake Snyder. He was writing a script, his first, and he said it helped him finish it… in 30 days. I mentally rolled my eyes like we all do. Especially when he said, and it’s pretty damn good. Again, seriously? I know how a 30 day script reads. Like a 30 day script. I asked, how’s the rewrites coming – “oh, making some changes here and there.” Continue Reading

Just some thoughts on Woody Allen’s “Manhattan”

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Having recently watched “Manhattan”, it brought me back to a time when I was in the UCLA Writing program where we would break down movies, analyze structure of films, and learned all the rules in order to break them and apply commercially successful concepts that worked into our own scripts and scenes.

Watching Manhattan once again also reminded me of Roger Ebert’s book, “Great Movies” and his awesome chapter on Woody Allen’s film “Manhattan”. And as I struggle to write my romantic Dramady, it serves for inspiration.

I love how Ebert described the film: Continue Reading

Write to Write and not to fill pages!

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Write to write – not to fill pages

by Glenn Magas

Have you read Strunk & White’s Elements of Style? If you’re a writer, you probably have it on your shelf somewhere. And if you read it, and you’ve followed the rules, then you repeatedly, maybe unconsiously, break them – as I am doing right now perhaps.

But… if you want to know the proper uses of a semi-colon or a colon, that’s the book of reference that will postion you on the straight and narrow.

I enjoy researching the book, getting confused, and find myself stuck in the same old gramatical habits. I mean hell… I’m not being tested on it so why should I learn it to pass it? Continue Reading

The Tortured Girls of Sacred Heart

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The Tortured Girls of Sacred Heart

based on a true story

by GlennMagas

In European folklore, the witching hour is the time when supernatural creatures: such as witches, demons and ghosts, are thought to be at their most powerful, and black magic at its most effective. This hour is typically midnight. The term is now used to refer to midnight, or any late hour, even without having the associated superstitious beliefs.

In neopaganism, it is sometimes used to refer solely to midnights occurring during a full moon, when a witch’s power is supposedly at its greatest.


The Tortured Girls of Sacred Heart

Exhumed from the ground 10 miles into the Angeles Crest Mountains, they found Luke’s decapitated body; it was 25 years after his death.

When I was 16 years old, Dale, Luke and I decided to drive up to this house hidden deep into the Chevy Chase hills. The house was deserted and had been condemned for more than ten years. See, an old man lived in the house and lured teenage girls from the local Catholic School on top of the hill called “Sacred Heart”. Continue Reading

I love my Samsung Tab 4 Nook

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I’ve owned practically every iteration of a Barnes and Noble Nook that has been released. I sold two of them in order to purchase the Samsung Tab 4 Nook when it was released. I have yet to part with my Original Nook which, for all intents and purposes, is used for those bright days laying out in the sun at the beach or pool side. I love that Nook. But…

I love my Samsung Tab 4 Nook (read more)

For the price – why would you even consider an iPad or other Tablet? I had to weigh the usefulness of purchasing a new Nook and what I’ve found – this one has really been worth the price. Continue Reading

Only the Lonely – The Motels

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il new york“Only the Lonely” The Motels.

What does this song remind me of?

Early 80s. Probably 1982 (since that’s when the song was released). I had a cassette recorder and headphones and had taped Only The Lonely from the radio along with other 80s hits.

I had biked to get a haircut at SuperCuts and decided to cruise around Glendale on my Redline BMX bike I bought with money from 8th grade graduation.

I was a melancholy teenager back then – especially with music playing in my ears. It would take me away from everything.

I dreamed of going to New York as I biked up Chevy Chase from Broadway. Past my house, past the Adventist Hospital, past school on Kimlin Drive and I made a turn on Lilac Lane past Cindy Orozco Keenan house then up and around to the top of the hill. Continue Reading

I couldn’t find my cup…

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Walking DreadI saw it, I thought I knew where it was, but it wasn’t there.  I’ll probably find it in after the season is over – isn’t that how it works?

Today was the first game of my Softball league. Our team, The Walking Dread, have been practicing for 3 months. It was a long wait but finally the night came where we were all together as a team and got to play.

I was looking forward to playing under Friday Night Lights all week. That’s an understatement. I’ve been looking forward to play for three months to be close to exact. I was ready and excited. Nervous? Nope. Just happy that tonight was the night we could play together as a team.

I drove home from working with a list in my head of things to do. Top of the list was – find my sliding pants and cup.

In my head I knew exactly where it was.

It wasn’t there.

I couldn’t find my cup…

What the FRICK!

I went to the garage.

Not there.

Checked my paintball gear bag. Continue Reading

She attacks as quiet and as swift as a Ninja in the night…

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This is a blog excerpt from May 12, 2005… Thought you’d get a ‘kick’ out of it.

She attacks as quiet and as swift as a Ninja in the night…

bella pink dressWith all my training in the Martial Arts you’d think I’d be able to defend myself with such a sneaky attack. But no, I haven’t learned my lesson.

Here’s the situation.

It’s dark.

It’s way past midnight.

All is quiet.

When suddenly it happens. The attack. And you have no recourse except to moan and groan in pain.

My daughter (age 2), seems to get this idea that if she kicks me in the eye in the middle of the night I’ll stop snoring. Well, that’s my interpretation of the logic behind her motives. She curls up on the pillows between Donna and me and her feet end up next to my head. But it doesn’t stop there. Of course I’m not awake to witness such an assault, but I’m guessing she recoils her leg and straightens them out as fast and as powerful as she possibly can into my eyeball in order to illicit a reaction out of me! Continue Reading

Why I Love Movie Magic Screenwriter

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movie-magic-screenwriter-flat_mediumThere are two top notch screenwriting programs on the market: Final Draft (FD9) and Movie Magic Screenwriter (MMS).  There are also a few other desktop packages and web-based Screenwriting apps. But the top two programs that include all the bells and whistles are the aforementioned FD9 and MMS.

Don’t get me wrong – I like them both. I use them both. But it really depends on the situation. Sometimes a writing partner, a producer, or a director might be using FD9 and they pass the script along to me. So I have to use Final Draft.

For most of my screenwriting needs, I use Movie Magic Screenwriter. Comparing them side-to-side – nothing really stands out. It’s really a writer’s preference. They have all the features you’d want in a fully functional $200 screenwriting package. So I’m not really doing a side-to-side comparison. I’m just going to tell you why I love MMS and why I prefer it over FD9.

Why I Love Movie Magic Screenwriter

I’m an out and about writer. What I mean is, I can write anywhere and I’m always “out and about” – but I don’t always have my laptop with me so it’s great there are online screenwriting options out there like Celtx and ScreenwritingPro if you have access to computer and the internet.  But I also have a Nook Tablet and an iPhone 5s. So I can write using my Apple Bluetooth Keyboard on both. Yes, it looks funny to be typing on a keyboard with an iPhone 5S propped up, but if it works it works. Continue Reading